About us


The company was founded in 2022 by combining the many years of experience of the founders, an international team of experts and the production and assembly capacities of the 3H Group companies.

  • An important part of the company is a subsidiary engineering company in Switzerland, which provides support for all organizational, technical and implementation activities of the company.
  • The reason for the establishment of the subsidiary was mainly the use of many years of experience of the staff of the international team in the fields that we need to meet all customer requirements.
  • Another reason is the territorial expansion of the company's scope towards the European Union, and to other world regions.

The engineering team include all the necessary skills to perform high quality services within the mechanical, metallurgy and foundry industry as:

  • Engineering
  • Sales of commercial spare parts
  • Onsite and remote technical assistance
  • New software programming

In particular, we are available to service all kind of foundry machinery with commercial and compatible spare parts, in the following areas: green sand foundry, chemical bonded sand systems, core production plants, metallurgical steel plants, pipe handling plants and so on.

The offices are based in Caslano in the district of Lugano in the Swiss canton of Ticino, near the Italian border.